Auf gibt es einen sehr feinen Hip Hop Mix aus dem Jahr 1998 von DJ O-Dub zum freien Download.

Polyrhythmatic was the 8th installment in my hip-hop mixtape series, originally released in 1998. This took me about five months to put together and all said, I’m still satisfied with most of my song choices here. There’s only a handful of tracks I’d probably swap out but for the most part, a lot of these still hold up for me.

Die Tracklist gibt es nach dem Klick.


  1. shape of the rhythm intro
  2. Jurassic 5: Concrete Schoolyard
  3. Shabaam Sadeeq: Soundclash
  4. Visionaries: Blessings
  5. Black Eyed Peas: Que Dices?
  6. Kweli: Manifesto
  7. Divine Styler: Beyond Mecca
  8. Us Plus One: For All My People
  9. polyrhythmatic addict interlude
  10. IG Off and Hazardous: Hip Hop Til I Die
  11. Red Foo & Dre Kroon: The Freshest remix
  12. X-cutioners: Raida’s Theme remix
  13. Jaleel: I Call It Like I See It
  14. works of mart
  15. Gangstarr: Work
  16. Jay Z: One In a Million remix
  17. Sauce Money: Against the Grain
  18. Frakenstein: Quiet Storm
  19. Organized Konfusion: Invetro
  20. Walkin’ Large w/ Black Thought: Listen to This
  21. INI & Pete Rock: Think Twice
  22. Numskullz: If It Ain’t Raw
  23. Shadez of Brooklyn: Wanted Men
  24. Common: Hungry
  25. K-Otix: ???????!?!
  26. Blackalicious: Reach For the Stars
  27. Mountain Brothers: Galaxies
  28. Prince Poetry and QB: Long Distance
  29. gaye pride interlude
  30. from the left intro
  31. Steppin’ Razor: Calafia
  32. Cali Kings feat. Xzibit: Cali Kings Pt. 1
  33. Dilated Peoples: Work the Angles
  34. Loot Pack: Lost Art
  35. Mystic: Ok…Alright
  36. Rasco: What Ya’ll Wanna Do?
  37. Defari: Never Lose Touch
  38. Spaztik MC: Who I Be
  39. Ras Kass: Understandable Smooth
  40. Hieroglyphics: See Delight
  41. T Love w/ Siah and Yeshua dapo ED: LA to Brooklyn
  42. the bk boro interlude
  43. Black Star: Definition
  44. Pumpkinhead: Wack Emcees
  45. The Doxxmen: Spontaneous Combustion
  46. Gangstarr w/ Rage: You Know My Steez rx
  47. K-Otix: Do You Wanna be an MC?
  48. Mathematik: Rhyme Trainin’
  49. oh my god, they killed hip hop interlude
  50. Metabass: Where’s My Guitar (Pt. 2)
  51. Kweli & Mr. Metaphor: Outside the Lounge
  52. Scienz of Life: Scienz of Life
  53. Show & AG: Spit
  54. The Giant: Hidden Crate
  55. Smut Peddlers: One By One
  56. Rasheed and Ill Advised: 1986
  57. Street Smartz: F-It-Less
  58. Yah Supreme: Old and Wise
  59. Mass Influence: Clown Syndrome
  60. J-Live: Shiesty
  61. Thrust: Emcee
  62. ATCQ: Busta’s Lament
  63. double clutch outro
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