Short film made for and copyrighted by the Dutch Film and Television Academy (Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie) – march 2010.

„Can I be facebookfriends with my parents?
Should I add someone i don’t really know?
Will other people think my status update’s funny?“

I try to answer these and other existential questions in the short documentary „Farewell Facebook“.
Maybe you will find these questions quite familiar. Please watch the film and make up your own mind about facebook.

We need your help to spread this film on Facebook! Since we no longer have an account you’ll have to do it for us. Thanks!

Director – Joep van Osch
Creative Producer – Casper Eskes
Uitvoerend Producent – Wim Boven
D.O.P. – Sanna Mensonides
Sound Design – Thijmen van der Poll
Editor – Matthias den Hartog
Production Design – Claire Lintelo
VFX Supervisor – Ewoud Visser

© 2010 AHK/NFTA

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